ALS agency offers translations from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish into Albanian, Greek, Turkish, RomanianBulgarianCroatian, and vice versa.

Our Translation Team

Apart from having an in-house team of proficient translators, we cooperate with a strong network of translators, localization experts and consultants:

  • Administration & Project Management: from different European and local network.
  • Native Speakers Professional Translators: native-speaking translators living in their own country possessing all translation qualifications
  • Industry Specific Translators: large network of in-country, bilingual translators performing translations in their field of expertise (industries)
  • Accurate Translations – Speedy Delivery: Online quote and order translation tool delivering translation services available worldwide
  • Quality Translations: apply the appropriate quality procedures and adopt any additional steps aiming to align with client-side process
  • Translation Confidentiality: all our translators as well as the rest of associates involved in our projects are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreement.