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Quality assurance services

At ALS Agency, optimal quality is ensured by professional reviewers, editors and copywriters. Linguistic excellence, knowledge and intrinsic critical thinking ensure the production of final translation texts adapted to project requirements and aim to comply with translation standards, thus enabling us to achieve customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance process

Every translation text is deemed ready for delivery only after a thorough quality assurance process. In the context of that process, text review is defined as a sequence that:

  • follows the draft translation of the document
  • precedes final editing

Editing for every single text

Due to the excellent skills of its editors and copywriters, the company is able to edit and produce all types of texts, covering most domains, from the automotive industry to the medical field.

Editing stages

In the process of editing, the objective is to ensure the end quality of the text achieved through the following stages:

  • spelling, grammar, punctuation and content check
  • conformity and accuracy of expression inspection
  • complying with clients’ standards
  • rewriting, where necessary, of the translated text
  • review with regards to legal issues that may arise due to the nature of the text

Co-operation with clients

ALS Agency success is defined primarily in terms of the quality of co-operation with its clients. We explore clients’ needs and requirements, comply with their guidelines, and always use the appropriate tools and glossaries. At the same time, we respect the source text and the style of each client, while adhering to deadlines and delivering uncompromised quality.