…Why translate documents using professionals? For the simple but still true statement that you and / or your company won’t get “lost in translation!”…

Due to global competition, launching products and services simultaneously in many international markets is vital for maintaining industry leadership. The task of creating, formatting, and updating documentation in numerous languages, in real time and communicating them across different departments, business units as well as countries is complicated.

Although translation might look like a simple task of converting the content of a document from one language to another, in reality it’s much more complicated.  Accurate document translation requires: analysis of content, identifying terminology, quality assurance for proofreading and editing, finalizing versions, establishing rules for translations purposes and standardizing procedures for future updates.

We, at ALS Agency, have experienced project managers, native speakers of the language into which they translate, technical expert users of advanced technology, proofreaders to provide final versions and the appropriate infrastructure to manage your projects. Therefore, choosing your ideal translations partner is the single most important decision you can make to successfully complete your document translations.

Intertranslations offers:

  • quality translations that meet deadlines
  • guaranteed expert quality results
  • co-operative management of translation projects in accordance with client corporate structure and methods
  • flexibility in all phases of translation projects, from thorough pre-planning to post-delivery review
  • dedicated, trained and experienced project managers
  • constant communication with clients throughout all project stages

Confidentiality is our priority, with all necessary security practices in place. Rest assure that your sensitive information is carefully handled. Finally, we take great care of:

  • the presentation of client documents
  • keeping up to date with state-of-the-art technologies
  • recruiting the best available personnel and translators
  • being abreast of developments in the international business community and adhering to regulatory framework in all fields of activity

We translate a wide range of domains:

  • General business documents: marketing communications, corporate communications, press releases, PR materials
  • Legal documents: contracts, agreements, certifications, registrations, intellectual property rights, patents
  • Technical documents: guarantees, service manuals, training and maintenance manuals, bulletins, diagnosis leaflets, safety handbooks, user manuals, product catalogs, product certificates, standards & specifications leaflets, operating and procedures manuals
  • Financial documents: annual accounts, accounting reports, industry insights, monetary policy reports, audits, statements
  • Medical documents: clinical studies data, clinical trials, CMC, drug approvals, drug development files, drug manufacturing processes, drug patents applications, drug registration dossiers, drug distribution and marketing, drug labeling and packaging, medical information for patients and physicians, patient information leaflets, testing procedures, PIL, packaging, labeling