… each country applies its own legal terminology, individual legal system and its unique legal writing style. Choose a partner accordingly…

Unlike in the case of scientific or other technical terminology, each country applies its own legal terminology (based on its particular legal system), which can often be different, even from that of another country that uses the same language. Therefore, a successful legal translation requires competence in at least five separate areas:

  1. basic knowledge of the legal systems (both of the source and target languages)
  2. familiarity with the relevant area / field of law
  3. familiarity with the relevant terminology
  4. excellent knowledge of the source language
  5. competence in the specific legal writing style of the target language

Furthermore, in order to successfully complete the task, the professional legal translator needs to:

  • be part-linguist, part-legal scholar, as well as able to thoroughly scrutinize over any relevant material
  • be willing and able to research and define legal concepts expressed in the source language that may not even have an equivalent in the language or the legal system of the target text
  • decode the source text and reconstruct its meaning in the target text
  • be extremely knowledgeable in the legal field, as he/she should know that each area of law requires specific translation techniques. For example, a contractual document has little in common with a will, an administrative certificate, a judicial decision or a statute
  • understand the intended use of the translation, as it will depict his or her approach on translating the text (terminology, phraseology, syntax, register [tone])
  • be able to successfully bridge the division of legal systems, as well as be fully aware of the language and culture of source and target language

Prior to any involvement, Intertranslations makes sure that the team undertaking any legal translation project is fully aware of the above issues and is experienced in working under those guidelines and meeting those standards. As a result, ALS Agency is the preferred supplier of legal translations for leading law firms, as well as European Governmental Institutions. Other key-clients include lawyers and legal departments of numerous companies in different industries.

ALS Agency provides legal translation services in the areas of: corporate law, tax and accounting law, environmental law, international law, patent law, property law, European law and insurance law. We offer premium quality professional translation services in the following types (but not limited to) of legal and judicial documentation.

  • agreements and contracts
  • international corporate and trade law
  • company articles of association
  • license, certification and registration documents
  • correspondence, minutes and proceedings
  • patents and intellectual, industrial and commercial property rights
  • private contract documents

Outstanding professional performance

ALS Agency excellence stems from its translators’ extensive legal background, coupled with the project managers’ professionalism, as acquired working directly on legal and judicial texts. This practical know-how enables the company to provide high quality translation and localization services in legal and judicial documents.


Consistency in client projects is ensured by on-going access to legal translation tools, such as glossaries, dictionaries and terminologies. Project managers, proofreaders, translators and editors, who form the team of legal associates, guarantee planning and quality control at all project stages.